Marine Cargo


This covers General Cargo which is generally shipped in containers (where standard and comprehensive covers usually apply), Specialised Cargo such as perishable commodities and Bulk Cargo (where specific cover is put in place). Such policies will, if required and appropriate, cover the entire import or export, whether by sea, land or air from the seller’s to the buyer’s premises – including storage on the way if incidental to the shipment.

"You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails."

If you regularly transport goods, we can arrange an Open Marine Cargo Policy covering all types of goods on rates and conditions agreed upon. This type of policy remains open until cancelled. Shipments are declared on a monthly basis and premium is raised on each declaration submitted. As an option, we can also arrange an annual policy where premiums are raised annually and an annual declaration submitted for the total of all shipments during the course of the year.